Obra Icons

A simple, consistent set of icons, perfect for user interfaces.

Why Obra Icons?

  • Super high quality

    Super high quality

    Detailed vectors, consistent to the highest level, with crisp details and consistent rounding.

  • Multiple weights and sizes

    Multiple weights and sizes

    Obra Icons are drawn at 2px stroke weight and in a 24x24 frame, and have been designed to work at 3 different stroke weights (1, 1.5 and 2px). Since the icons are vector-based and use specific line and vector dot drawing techniques, they also upscale easily to different sizes like 32 and 48px. This makes it easy to use the same icon set for different use cases - from system to illustrative.

  • Over 750 icons

    The icon set contains many icons, so you won’t run into the situation where you can’t find the right icon for your needs. We selected the essential icons for UI design evaluated against tons of real-life UI design projects, and are continuously growing the set.

    Need a specific icon? Let us know.

  • Easy to use

    Download an icon from the website, buy the files for use in a design app or integrate in your Svelte project using the npm package.

    Need an integration in another framework? Let us know.

Obra Icons Files

Buy the Figma source file

Buy the source file for direct import into Figma.

This file contains the original vectors of the 750+ icons, with its icons categorized into different categories. Use it to extend or customize the set to your needs.

There are 2 options: buying via Figma or buying direct. The advantage of buying direct is that you can get notified of future updates. You can also receive a professional VAT invoice.